Partner Agreement

Qkogo operates an online platform (the "Platform") that facilitates the booking of buses and cabs for various purposes. Partner owns and operates buses and/or cabs and desires to make them available for booking through Qkogo's Platform.

  • Partner shall provide accurate information about the buses and/or cabs they wish to make available for booking, including but not limited to, vehicle specifications, availability, pricing andany other relevant details.
  • Partner shall ensure that the buses and/or cabs meet all legal requirements for operation and are maintained in good working condition.
  • Partner shall promptly update Qkogo of any changes in availability, pricing or any other relevant information regarding the buses and/or cabs.
  • Partner shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations relating to the operation of buses and/or cabs, including but not limited to, licensing, insurance andsafety standards.

Qkogo Obligations

Qkogo shall provide Partner with access to its Platform for the purpose of listing the buses and/or cabs for booking.

Qkogo shall use commercially reasonable efforts to promote and market Partner's buses and/or cabs through its Platform.

Qkogo shall facilitate the booking process, including handling payments, issuing booking confirmations andproviding customer support.

Booking and Payment

Customers shall book Partner's buses and/or cabs through Qkogo's Platform.

Qkogo shall collect payments from customers on behalf of Partner.

Qkogo shall remit payments to Partner in accordance with the agreed-upon payment terms.


In consideration for the services provided by Qkogo under this Agreement, Partner agrees to pay Qkogo a commission for each booking made through the Platform. The commission rate shall be as agreed upon by the Parties and specified in a separate agreement or schedule.


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